How to Win Online in this New Environment

The best way to play depends on what type of bonus it is, as we discovered above, even deposit bonuses come in different forms which affects how you should approach them and the best way to play. The math behind at least figuring out whether or not a bonus might be beaten is pretty simple. It only gets complicated when you’re playing on a bonus that relies on Variance with a win big and grind out strategy. Those bonuses are mostly gone due to maximum bet restrictions.

Winning on No-Deposit Bonuses:

No-Deposit Bonuses, as discussed above, are designed so that the player does not have an expectation of finishing with anything. It’s possible, of course, but it is not the expectation. In some cases, the playthrough requirements will be completed, but the player does not a have enough of a balance to withdraw The formula that you need to know to figure out how much you are expected to lose on a No-Deposit bonus is very simple:

(House Edge as a decimal) * (Playthrough Amount) = Expected Loss

In other words, let’s say you had a $100 No-Deposit Bonus with a 50x playthrough requirement and the best available game was a Blackjack game, (which is definitely a theoretical because most casinos wouldn’t allow that on an NDB) with an RTP of 99.5% and a House Edge of 0.5%. You would have to bet $5,000 in total bets, so here is the result:

.005 * 5000 = $25

You just take the $50 Bonus, subtract the $25 of it you are expected to lose, and you are expected to complete the bonus with $25. The problem is that the minimum withdrawal amount might actually be $100, so now you have to try to turn the $25 you finished with into $100 in order to cash out. It’s also possible that $100 is the maximum cashout and the minimum cashout at the same time, so sometimes (especially if you make high bets) you will finish with more than $100, but you only get $100 and the rest is reduced to $0. If you lose you lose, but there are restrictions on how much can be won.